Q: Hey, what's up with your website? Why isn't it complete?

A: We understand your concern.  Things have been a whirlwind here at BuildSpark since we opened our online store, we have been busy fulfilling orders, tweaking part and kit designs, and working with new parts suppliers.  However, we are working on some exciting content and will be debuting our shiny, upgraded website soon.  Check back in with us often to see what's new!


Q:  What kind of weight capacity/speed capabilities do your actuators have?

A:  Great question, we're glad you asked!  Here is a link to our motor specifications page! 


Q:  How do I control the speed of the actuator/ how does the actuator know where it is on the rail?

A:  To get the most of these little beauties you will need these other components:

  • Stepper Motor Driver board
  • Arduino Controller board
  • Program or Sketch for the controller board to send step pulses to the driver board

The good news is that we are putting together an affordable kit that will include all of these items, and be easy to put together.


Q:  Hey!  Can I use these to make a camera slider?

A:  Yes!  We are currently working on a kit that will include everything needed to make a sweet camera slider, complete with a custom mounting plate to make attaching your camera easy.  Stay tuned!.


If you still have questions after that amazingly thorough list, feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to answer whatever you can throw at us.  Or if you just want to call and talk about your crazy cat we can be reached at (408) 641-3069.