About Us

We are builders, makers, engineers, and collaborators who have been creating measuring instruments, electro-mechanical art, CNC cutting machines, high speed positioning systems, and 3D printing projects together for many years.  We have used all sorts of equipment, from large scale motion platforms to nanometer precision stages, all of which are tremendously expensive, and generally out of the price range of all but large corporations and research laboratories.  We wanted to create a set of quality components which are affordable, easy to use, and fun to work with.  The BuildSpark linear actuator range is the result of us using the OpenBeam extruded aluminum profile extensively in our own projects, and a desire to share our designs with you.

Simon:  Inventor and CEO

Melissa:  COO


Our home base is in San Jose, Ca. where we recently relocated to from Southern California.  To contact us, send us an email to support@buildspark.com or call us at (408)641-3069