4x Actuator Controller

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Control up to four actuators with this complete kit, which includes:

  • 4x stepper motor drivers using the popular A4988 controller
  • 1x carrier board, brings signals from the controller board to the actuator drivers, includes inputs for homing/end-stop switches, emergency stop input etc.
  • 1x Arduino Uno R3 controller board.  With our example sketches you can take control of up to 4 actuators, or with grbl control software run a complete CNC system able to interpret standard G-Code.
  • 1x meter long USB cable
  • 12V power supply to drive up to 4 actuators 
  • 4x heat sinks, allowing you to drive up to 2A per motor coil.  In general we do not recommend driving any of our actuators at high current since the motor may get hot, but we include the heat sinks incase you want to drive other stepper motors with high current.
  • 12x microstep selection jumpers

Select from full step to 1/16th micro-stepping independently for each actuator.  Go full step where you need high torque, high speed, and coarse positioning, or select half step, quarter, eighth, or one sixteenth micro-stepping for super smooth motion and fine positioning.

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