Tweaks for the Nema11 motor mount design, projects coming soon.

A few months ago we launched our website, and created an ad on Facebook to see how much interest there is in our products. The response has been fantastic, and we are appreciative that so many actuators have been sold, especially since we have not finished cleaning up the content or adding much needed drawings and specifications yet.

We have made a few tweaks to the actuator design based upon feedback that we have received from early adopters, including the addition of mounting points for the homing switch kit that we will be adding soon, and additional rigidity in the motor mounting. If you have any thoughts or feedback, please send it to:

Several of you have expressed interest in a “camera slider” kit, and we are making strides towards putting that together. Along with the actuator of your choice, this kit will include the motor driver and microcontroller boards, a custom part for easily attaching your camera to the actuator via a standard ¼x20 thread, and example software to drive the actuator on our website.

Several other exciting project kits are in the works, and we will share details in future posts as they become available. As well as the camera slider, XY kits are our primary focus, keep an eye out for an announcement soon.

Updates to our website are in the works as well. There will be example circuit diagrams, control software, dimension drawings, and actuator specifications.